The Simple Universe® Classical Atom

Subatomic Particles

The Simple Universe is a physics model that uses classical principles to model the subatomic particles, the ones that make up the atom. A classical approach might seem to be at odds with quantum physics, but by allowing each particle to have a shape, breaks in symmetry occur that suggest that a classical atom is possible.

However it has not been possible to model the quark particles, so instead, the proton is modelled as a positron and two 'neutral' particles. The inclusion of the 'neutral' particle into the physics leads to the possibility of explaining quantum effects as a consequence of classical processes.

The subatomic particles are modelled pictorially and where possible as an animation. From a realistic point of view, the animations are not proportionally accurate, but nonetheless, are sufficient for analysis and deduction.

Ideally a 3D 'physics engine' of the model would be available to remove the need for manual analysis and deduction.